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Item no.LengthColourOriginFairtradeDiscount
Bouquet BrendaBouquet Brenda55 cmMixHollandST
Grab & GoGrab & Go50 cmMixKenyaST
Bouquet HarmonyBouquet Harmony50 cmMixSwedenST
Bouquet Harmony LuxuryBouquet Harmony Luxury50 cmMixSwedenST
10-pack roses Ex10-pack roses Ex40 cmMixKenyaST
10-pack roses Ex10-pack roses Ex40 cmYellowKenyaST
10-pack roses Ex10-pack roses Ex40 cmPurpleKenyaST
10-pack roses Ex10-pack roses Ex40 cmOrangeKenyaST
10-pack roses Ex10-pack roses Ex40 cmPinkKenyaST
10-pack roses Ex10-pack roses Ex40 cmRedKenyaST
10-pack roses Ex10-pack roses Ex40 cmRedKenyaST
10-pack roses Ex10-pack roses Ex40 cmWhiteKenyaST
Tiopackrosor ExTiopackrosor Ex40 cmCremerosaKenyaST
12-pack roses Ex12-pack roses Ex50 cmRainbowKenyaST
Alstro 5-PackAlstro 5-Pack50 cmMixColombiaBNT
Allium x5Allium x550 cmWhiteHollandST
Axveronica mix 5-packAxveronica mix 5-pack50 cmMixHollandST
Delphinium Blue x5Delphinium Blue x550 cmBlueHollandST
Freesia 10-packFreesia 10-pack40 cmMixHollandST
Germini 5-pack mixGermini 5-pack mix55 cmMixHollandST
Sprayroses 5-packSprayroses 5-pack50 cmMixKenyaBNT
Gyps.Over Time 3-PackGyps.Over Time 3-Pack50 cmWhiteEcuadorBNT
Hypericum 5-packHypericum 5-pack50 cmMixHollandST
Iris Blå 10 packIris Blå 10 pack50MixHollandST
Sprayrose Super BubblesSprayrose Super Bubbles60 cmChampagneKenyabigsize_s.pngST
Kvistros White BaikalKvistros White Baikal60 cmVitKenyabigsize_s.pngST
Kvistros Orange StarKvistros Orange Star60 cmOrangeKenyaST
Kvistros PushkinKvistros Pushkin60 cmRödKenyaST
Lily Asian 3-packLily Asian 3-pack55 cmMixHollandST
Lilja Aziat 5-packLilja Aziat 5-pack55 cmMixHollandST
Lily Or 3-pack 648250Lily Or 3-pack 64825060 cmWhite/PinkHollandST
Gillyflower 5-packGillyflower 5-pack50 cmMixHollandST
Carnations 5-packCarnations 5-pack50 cmMixColombiaBNT
Peony 3-packPeony 3-pack50 cmMixHollandST
Peony Sarah Bernhardt x3Peony Sarah Bernhardt x350 cmPinkHollandST
Peony sarah bernhardt x5Peony sarah bernhardt x550 cmPinkHollandST
Santini 5-packSantini 5-pack55 cmMixHollandST
Solidago 5-PackSolidago 5-Pack60 cmYellowHollandST
Solrosor 3-packSolrosor 3-pack55 cmGULHollandST
Leatherleaves IILeatherleaves II50 cmGreenSpainBNT
Salal TipSalal Tip60 cmGreenUSABNT
RobolineRoboline60 cmGreenCosta RicaBNT
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